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Top 5 Reasons Why You Visit Varanasi – The Land of Magic



A city like Varanasi needs no introduction as it is home to the holy river of Ganga. The city’s charm lies in the divinity found in the nooks and corners here. Right from the age old shopkeepers to the Sadhus (wise men), everyone has a unique story to narrate about their time and connection with the city.

The streets of Varanasi are known for the attractive aroma of chaat items while the ghats are filled with a smoky smell of lighted diyas. The entire city is a combination of emotions where you are sure to enjoy the juggle between them! So, here are the top reasons why you should have Varanasi in your bucket list.

5 Amazing Reason to Visit Varanasi are – 

1. Land of Divinity 

Varanasi is one of the holiest cities of India which is why it is a must visit destination at least once in your lifetime. The land of Varanasi is blessed with fascinating temples and ghats. Moreover, these enchanting ghats are popular for the holy rivers of Yamuna, Brahmaputra and Ganga. 

If you are intrigued by the mysteries of spirituality, Varanasi is a place to be! You can understand a lot about the culture and lifestyle of people here simply by attending various poojas performed near the ghats. Additionally, it is one of the unique things to understand the traditions and rituals of Varanasi and how the land is worshipped every day with love and dedication. 

You can always find a way to interact with Sadhus (wise men) who have in-depth knowledge about philosophy, history, karma and so many more interesting topics. The land does invite you to seek blessings, find peace and reconnect with yourself! Make sure to find hotels in Varanasi near one of the ghats to never miss a heavenly moment.

2. Home to Delicious Street Foods

Varanasi is known for its culture and heritage and this culture can also be found in the culinary art here. People of Varanasi are fond of pungent flavours and combinations of spices thereby leading to palatable street foods. Some of the food streets are an absolute celebration of flavours.

If you are here with your loved ones, it is always a great idea to book hotels in Varanasi near one of the food streets for a mouth-watering getaway. The food here is prepared with a fusion of sour, salty and spicy giving you a burst of flavours. Some of the famous chaat items include Chena Dahi Vada, Kachori Sabzi, Choora Matar and Golgappe.

Craving for a delicious dessert to end your meal? Varanasi invites you to explore the delectable flavours of Thandai and Lassi prepared with pure milk and essential dry fruits. Malaiyyo is also one of the famous desserts and can be found across the city.

3. Soulful Ganga Aarti

Since Varanasi is home to the holy river of Ganga, it is often flocked with tourists. The river is particularly popular because of its spiritual significance in the Hindu mythology. It is believed that you can wash off your sins with a dip in the river. Many travellers simply Visit Varanasi to purify their soul with a dip in the river.

Moreover, it is also believed that if the cremation process is done on the land of Varanasi near the Ganges, the soul receives salvation. As various mythological beliefs surround the river Ganga, it is worshipped with mesmerizing aarti during the evenings. 

One of the top reasons to visit the city of Varanasi is attending the Ganga Aarti performed by holy priests. The entire site is lit with lighted diyas and lamps. You are sure to feel enlightened with the divine atmosphere and sounds of the bells. If you are willing to witness the aroma of incense sticks right by the river, book affordable Treebo hotels in Varanasi in the vicinity.

4. Affordable Hotels 

One of the biggest challenges of travelling to any city is finding cheap accommodation. Varanasi is a popular tourist destination hence you can find a number of luxurious hotels and affordable accommodation for your friends and family. Moreover, it is a pretty developed city with more than 1000 hotels available in nooks and corners.

If you are looking for a relaxed stay, you can find top-rated hotels including The India Benaras and Om Vikas Benares for a comfortable stay. Many hotels can be found at the city centre helping you explore the markets and nearby tourist attractions.

The city is also home to cheap yet safe stay options including Hotel Vaibhav or Hotel Buddha Park. Additionally, solo travellers can always book various homestays and hostels in the city for a budget-friendly holiday time. It is best to check Treebo hotels in Varanasi offering comfort and luxury, all at once.

5. Bustling Shopping Markets 

Traditional city of Benaras is definitely famous for its intricacy of work in different fields of art. You can find many legacy shops and manufacturers selling pieces of pure artistry and skills in the markets here. Also, you must collect significant souvenirs for your loved ones from the city.

To start with, Varanasi is famous for the silk work found in sarees, shawls and a variety of clothing. It is also famous for the production of glass beads which are generally used in authentic jewellery and clothing. Crystal and stone Shiva Lingas can also be found in the premises of famous temples.

Apart from the materialistic souvenirs, you always have an option to collect palatable sweets for your loved ones. You might love to book hotels in Varanasi near the famous markets to shop with a hassle-free mind. Do not forget to negotiate for the price and pick the best one!

To best enjoy exploring the city, make sure to book Treebo hotels in Varanasi for a budget friendly holiday time. Treebo hotels are a combination of luxury and comfort like no other accommodation. You can always find great hospitality, room service and amazing staff at different Treebo properties in Varanasi.

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You probably don’t need too many reasons to visit a famous destination which offers a combination of spirituality, hopping and delicious food scenes. It is time to book your tickets to one of the best getaways of your life and frame these memories in your heart!


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