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Ways to Get Paid 2 Days Early on Your Savings Account?


Saving money is a critical aspect of personal finance, and getting paid early can help you stay ahead of your expenses. There are several ways you can receive your savings account funds a couple of days earlier, giving you extra time to plan and budget your finances. Here are 5 methods you can use to get paid 2 days early on your savings account.

Direct deposit

Direct deposit is a simple and convenient way to receive your savings account funds early. With this method, your employer transfers your pay directly into your savings account, eliminating the need for paper checks and trips to the bank. 

Direct deposit is a secure and efficient way to receive your funds, and many employers widely use it. To take advantage of this option, you simply need to give your bank account information to your employer, who will then make the deposit directly into your account. 

Most banks allow direct deposits to hit your account a couple of days earlier, so you can access your funds as soon as possible. This can give you a head start on budgeting your expenses and planning your finances.

With experts like SoFi, “Set up direct deposit to directly get the paycheck up to 2 days early.”

Early payroll processing

Early payroll processing is another way to receive your savings account funds two days early. With this option, your employer releases your pay ahead of the regular payday. This can give you access to your funds earlier, allowing you to budget and plan your expenses more effectively. 

To take advantage of early payroll processing, you must inquire with your HR department about this option and whether your employer offers it. If your employer does offer early payroll processing, you can request to have your funds deposited directly into your savings account. 

This will give you immediate access to your funds and provide a head start on managing your finances. However, it is essential to note that early payroll processing may not be available at all companies, so check with your employer first.

Mobile banking

Many banks have mobile banking apps that allow you to deposit checks using your smartphone camera. With this feature, you can deposit your paycheck and receive your funds two days earlier than if you had to wait for the check to clear. Additionally, some mobile banking apps allow you to transfer funds between accounts, which can help you access your money earlier.

Automated savings transfers

Suppose you set up an automatic savings transfer from your checking account to your savings account. In that case, you can ensure that a portion of your payment goes directly into your savings account every payday. With this method, you can receive your funds two days earlier as soon as the transfer is complete.

Early withdrawal options

Some savings accounts offer early withdrawal options, which allow you to access your funds ahead of the official payment date. However, before you opt for this option, make sure to read the terms and conditions, as there may be fees or penalties for early withdrawals.

There are several ways you can receive your savings account funds two days early, giving you extra time to plan and budget your finances. 

Whether you opt for direct deposit, early payroll processing, mobile banking, automated savings transfers, or early withdrawal options, choose the best method for you and your financial needs.

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